Hulu Advertising

Streaming services is the sector that has greater growth at present for users who love good television. More and more people are betting to stop being simple spectators and become users who can control the way they want to enjoy their favorite movies and series. The most famous channels for sure are Nextflix and HBO, which are platforms that do not have any advertising.

This results in business owners missing the opportunity to reach an audience with the valuable potential to become customers. Fortunately, there is a streaming option, which represents an extraordinary opportunity for you to boost your business through this format: Hulu. It is essential that you know this platform, and the incredible opportunities it brings you to increase your profitability, with an excellent ROI.

What is Hulu's Proposal?

Hulu was born fundamentally as a platform to broadcast on-demand content from major networks such as CBS, NBC, and ABC. It later gained more ground among users when it began making its series such as the famous The Maid's Tale. Today, Hulu holds approximately 25% of the streaming market share in the United States.

While not as famous as the major platforms, Hulu has made a smarter market bet. On the one hand, they offer the same HBO & Netflix system: a paid programming free of advertising. But it also offers users a cheaper alternative, with a light insertion of ads. The good news is that 70% of its 28 million users prefer this second option, which represents an extraordinary potential market for promoting products and services.

Which are the Advantages of Advertising in Hulu?

In addition to the growing number of subscribers, you have to understand what kind of audience Hulu has. Since most of the programs are series, their users are usually series fans. This means that the audience is captive and will frequently be attending the platform so as not to miss the next episode. This gives you a lead with greater potential to show and repeat your message than those who come in to watch an occasional movie.

Besides, Hulu's advertising concept is very different from traditional television one. They have developed a concept called “Advanced TV”. This is based on the premise of not showing ads indiscriminately and repetitively, with the interruption model as it is done in traditional television.

The idea of Hulu advertising is to develop a model in which advertisers can be propelled in a non-invasive way for the user. This ranges from the way the messages are inserted to the type of advertising that the platform shows itself. They want the format to be careful, and to take into account the profile of the user who sees a particular program, thus increasing the effectiveness, and providing better ROI to the advertiser. In this way, you can reach your target audiences, without them feeling invaded, and with an extraordinary probability of conversion, which increases your profitability and boosts your business.

With Hulu Advertising You Will Take Your Business to the Next Level!

If you're ready to take advantage of this extraordinary growth opportunity for your business by doing smart advertising in Hulu, we're ready to help. Let Launch Media's team of experts assist you in developing the most outstanding business strategies to help you bring your business to the forefront through this extraordinary platform. It's your moment to shine, contact us.

Hulu Advertising

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Hulu Advertising