Text Message Marketing Program Atlanta

Text Message Marketing Program Atlanta

Consumers have constant alerts from social networks and emails about the brand and product updates. Most people turn off their notifications because the phone is always buzzing with yet another unnecessary message. The only kind of marketing that seems to capture one's attention is difficult to block and goes directly into the text message inbox.

What are text marketing services in Atlanta?

Text market messaging is a continuous process of sending business sales, news, and promotions to potential clients via SMS. A business text platform needs many things the traditional media does, such as printing, hardware support, and media buys, without the additional effort of a digital marketing program. You can send personalized texts or send a bulk of data to a bigger audience.

How it works

Text messaging fetches the clients’ details from a database and can be specified with the following details:

  • Names
  • Phone number
  • Geographical location
  • Interests in the business or history of purchases

Sending texts for business in Atlanta targets a small customer segment because it can be crucially specific to the type of audience. It is the best way of cultivating a meaningful connection with your client base because they are more likely to see the message.

The most crucial detail about text messaging campaign marketing is that it works best as part of other digital marketing systems and is only effective for a brand with an audience that does not tolerate other marketing platforms. Our text message marketing program in Atlanta includes SMS and closely related marketing forms like social media and email to contribute to your business’s overall impression.

Reasons to choose our text marketing practice

Are you ready to launch your text message campaign? We know the successful and game-changing tactics that can revolutionize your digital marketing, with only a few SMS marketing tips. Here is what to expect when using our SMS channels. 


Text messaging takes an entirely different life now than it did a couple of years ago. We must get consent from customers to send texts to the phone and maintain an ethical practice that does not spam their inboxes with constant notifications. We must contact users with a considerable approach to avoid the risk of compromising your brand's credibility.

Short texts

The text messages should be straightforward, simple, and short, with an approximate limit of up to 160 characters. The only essential details to include are the individual receiver's names, details of the product or brand news, and an explanation of how to access the said product.


Consumers should never feel like they cannot endure the flood of texts you send at inappropriate times of the day or night. We recommend choosing typical business hours to communicate your business needs and maintaining a degree of transparency that builds trust among and makes them more open to your future texts. It is also essential to include an option of unsubscribing and re-subscribing from the system at any time.

Defiant Ones delves into the modern world of promoting your business with text messages with an acute science of clients’ psychology on the channel. Get a free consultation and details on other high-quality digital marketing tools by calling 762-585-4664 today.


Text Message Marketing Program Atlanta
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Text Message Marketing Program Atlanta
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Text Message Marketing Program Atlanta