The Evolution of Search

Search engines weren’t always around, but now it’s hard to imagine the world without them. They are technically just a little over two decades old, but they’ve become important part of everyday life. They have given people access to unlimited knowledge. They have given us ‘superpowers’ we never had before.

Google, Yahoo, Bing—they have all changed how we find information, connect with our friends and family, and more importantly from a marketer’s perspective, how we search for services and products. We are no longer passive consumers who were just waiting to see advertisements to realize we needed something. We are now active consumers. We now seek out information about what we want to buy, and we do it all online. 

Webmaster Guidelines

Formally and informally, webmaster ‘guidelines’ began to take shape. So called SEO experts figured out ways to make Google and other search engines find, index, and rank their websites. This included methods on optimizing content and Meta tags with keywords, and of course, linking.