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The Truth About Free Link Exchange

A lot of web marketers will tell you that free link exchange is a thing of the past, no longer important, or even "dead." Others who are less informed will even tell you that it can harm your site and cause it to plummet to the lowest ranks for your target search terms. Experts have varying opinions--some are pro link exchange while some dismiss the practice altogether. But many now stand in the middle, recognizing the worth of proper link building and the dangers of unnatural link exchange.

So is free link exchange really dead? No. The paradigm simply changed. Webmasters have long used link-building as a way to raise their rankings and rightfully so, as search engines like Google used to put great value on backlinks as a determining factor for website relevance, and in turn search rankings. However, webmasters found a hole in this system and started to abuse link exchange in an attempt to manipulate search results. This was a successful feat for a time, until Google decided to take action and devalue link exchanges that were unrelevant to your site's industry. We only allow your site to exchange links with related, relevant websites within and around your sites industry.

Since Google's Penguin update, websites that have been found with unnatural, bad, or low-quality links saw their ranks go from top to bottom. Others were even penalized for having too many of these unnatural links. This is why many webmasters think that link building is now bad for their websites. What they don't realize is that links (good links, that is) are still the most valuable assets that a website can have if it wants to rank high in SERPs. Links are still the best way for search engines to find your content and index your site according to its relevance to the searches that users make. Bad links were simply devalued. But relevant links--the ones that are relevant to your niche--are still worth their weight in gold when it comes to search engine optimization.

How does one cope with this paradigm shift? The same way you have been coping with all search engine algorithm changes--by following best practices. Here are the new guidelines that Google has set when it comes to link building schemes:

  • Google defines a link schemes as any malicious attempt in tricking the search engines or taking black hat style link approach.. Examples of link schemes are as follows:
1. Buying/selling links - Exchanging money for any type of links or for posts that contain them. This also includes exchanging goods or services or sending a potential partner a free product in exchange for links or for them writing about the product and including a link in the particular post. Free Relevant Links provides you relevant link exchange for free and does not take part in the Buying and Selling of links.

2. "Link to me, I'll link to you" excessively - This excessive link exchange practice also includes creating partner pages exclusively for the purpose of cross-linking. Our link exchange is considered partner pages but we do not recommend using our Free link exchange as your only linking sources. Our Free Relevant linking alone has boosted many webmasters sites to the top. However if you do not have any links at all we recommend you signing up for our paid services so you can gain 1 way links along with the relevant 2 ways.

3. Excessive article marketing campaigns or guest posting drives accompanied by anchor text links that are keyword-rich. Free Relevant links does not duplicate articles to any degree nor do we focus on purely on Keyword anchor text. Free Relevant Links varies your anchor text to include; your keyword, your sites name, your sites title and your sites url so your anchor text looks more natural to Google.
4. Automated link-building - Using automated programs to generate links to your website. Automated Link building of the past and many link exchange software's today allow the user to exchange links with any website no matter what industry they are in. To Google this is very bad practice and will hurt your site rankings. This is why here at Free Relevant Links we only allow you to exchange links with relevant sites within and around your industry. Relevant Link exchange is still a very powerful method of obtaining High quality links.

  • Google also penalizes the use or creation of unnatural links (links that were not editorially placed by the site owner on a page) examples of which are as follows:
1. Text advertisements that bypass PageRank
2. Paid advertorials/native advertising
3. Links with optimized anchor text, particularly in press releases or articles that are distributed on other websites
4. Low-quality bookmark site and directory links
5. Links that are embedded in widgets, distributed across sites
6. Widely distributed links, particularly in footers of websites
7. Forum comments and signatures optimized with links

  • Note Free Relevant Links does not offer any of the above methods of linking. Our link exchange is purely relevant, niched linking this is what Google is still looking for.

The best way obtain high quality and relevant links to your website is to obtain relevant links only to your website. For an example if your site is about contractors you would not want to exchange links with a cooking site. In the past many link exchange companies failed miserably because they would allow you to exchange links with any website. This is where our approach to link exchange is different

Free Relevant Links is your friend when it comes to gaining relevant links that don't violate any of these webmaster guidelines. We are not your everyday you "link-to-me-I'll-link-to-you service." Because we manually monitor all link exchanges to make sure they are all relevant to your industry, this is the vital key in building a successful link exchange. All your links are human-edited and monitored for quality and relevance. Explore our website to learn more about our revolutionary free link exchange platform.
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